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How to become an ace in paragliding?

It’s a call for the people with a wild heart, craving for adventures and pursues it no matter what. It might sound challenging but really a thrilling experience to feel the wind on your face, take up the sudden dive from a high peak and soar high, yelling to your heart’s content, where the sky is the limit. Orangelife adventures literally call such brave ones to take up the challenge and experience paragliding which is an art more than an adventure sport at least once in your lifetime.

Rather than bragging much about self, Orangelife adventure prefers its clients to learn the art and enjoy it to the fullest. From novice to an ace in paragliding, Orangelife adventure dares to take up the task in its strides ever since inception. Remember when you had the fledgeling lessons of cycling as a kid, it’s much easier than that. Sounds sugar-coated, believe it or not, paragliding is as easy as that. Just to make you a little comfortable….you don’t except your helper to ride with you while on the first lessons of cycling but paragliding has such provisions. Now moving on to the literal lessons of paragliding step by step.

Orangelife adventure has a special set of training steps that makes paragliding sound easier than cycling. Let’s test and try to find more…

  • Examine different parts of the paragliding device

  • Learn and understand its functions at a much closer tone

  • Comprehend risk making factors to avoid them

  • Get familiarized with various safety equipment and protective gears

  • Simple know-how of aerodynamics and flight mechanisms

  • Learn to assess weather conditions, airfield and environment of the site

  • Learn to balance while on the ground and on air

  • In the initial stage, instructors will accompany at the back of the launching paraglider

A little talk about the history of Paragliding

Man is always curious about the inception of all things that come to his perception and paragliding could hardly be an exception. Orangelife adventure delves deep into the history of the paragliding that is known to initiate from parachuting. Many parachute divers always liked the feeling of floating in the air unlike parachuting with an immediate landing. Hence wings or floaters were devised, making the paraglider float in the air till he desires.

How to fly your maiden flight as a paraglider?

  • Walk or run towards the wind by pulling the wings termed as Launch

  • Winds will fill the wings gradually raising a canopy behind and above you

  • At this moment use the brakes to control the wings

  • Ensure that no lines are entangled to interrupt your flight

  • Run down the slope to the flying speed

  • You will find your wings afloat and your legs above the ground

  • So now you are actually flying rather paragliding

These steps have been explained in the simplest manner making the aspirants understand that paragliding is not a herculean task. Orangelife adventure has made it a practice, creating paragliders and then developing ace gliders out of them. More you practice, easier it becomes. As many paragliding trips, you take, the flight becomes easier and simpler till you get the hang of it.

Till now it was all about your areas of functions, time to turn to the types of air rising. Remember you have to move ahead to become an ace and Orangelife adventure aspires that each of its incumbents must be an ace in paragliding. So you have to learn much more than the basics.

  • Wave rising or wave lift lifts a paraglider to great heights, which often caused due to the strong wind in the upper atmosphere

  • Thermal lift is a layer of hot air due to solar heating helping to raise to the desired altitude

  • Ridge rising is the wind moving against the mountain, upward creating a ridge of air.

Get some tips from proficient Orangelife adventure to fly higher than the normal heights. Now that you are well aware of lifts and rises let us move forward with the complex lessons.

  • Paragliding takes you to columns of air space like a thermal column that helps to glide higher by moving in circles. This is often termed as coring often used by the gliders. Drift and wait for the next column to arise.

  • Flying along the mountain will keep you in the air for long which often termed as soaring in paragliding. But it is advisable to move not too close to the mountain to avoid mishaps.

Emergency tips for paragliders

In rare instances wings might get deflated, you have provisions in the device to re-inflate the same. Still, the problem persists then get your hands on the emergency parachutes for a safe landing. Trained paragliders are only let loose of their own without accomplice to avoid all sorts of hazards. Orangelife adventure seeks to equip every incumbent with all advises and tips for safe and thrilling paragliding.

That is most of all the requisite information about paragliding to bring out the best in an aspirant. More and more competitions and adventure trips are being initiated across the globe and you could hardly afford to stay aloof. So time to take your turn and try your hands on paragliding.

Why wait? Take the plunge!

The best in the industry is waiting to help you take flight. For specialised training as well as tandem paragliding/joy rides, please feel free to contact.


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All number available on WhatsApp.

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