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Tandem paragliding flights are a great way to enjoy the full aerial experience, without having to first learn how to control the paraglider yourself. We can assure you that there is no better way to experience the stunningly beautiful scenery from the air.  You can soar with the birds along the ridges and high above the mountain tops on a paragliding tandem flight. Our expert tandem pilot will take care of the launch, flight and landing for you!



Experience the joy of flight without any prior flight experience. A basic tandem flight involving you strapped to the tandem paraglider free flight, soaring through the skies, as our trained pilot takes the reigns. Our pilot has complete control over the glider throughout the duration of the flight. Sit back and relax, let our pilots do all the work as you truly feel like a bird.

♦ 10 – 12 Mins

♦ Rs 3000* on Weekdays

♦ Rs 3500* on Weekends & Holiday seasons

♦  Rs 500* for photos & Videos in the air


₹ 3000*

G0011273 (1).JPG



Want to fly and have control over your flight too? On a tandem flight, once in the air, the Instructor Tandem Pilot will show you how the controls work while flying. You will be given controls to experience how it is to fly all by yourself for a few minutes, with the safety of the instructor flying with you. Takeoff and landing will be taken care by our pilot.


♦  15 – 20 Min

♦  Rs 4000* on Weekdays

♦  Rs 4750* on Weekends & Holiday seasons

♦  Rs 500* for photos & Videos in the air


₹ 4000*



Extended Tandem Flights involve a longer hang time and larger flight radius, where you stay airborne for more than 25 mins. It will involve all the elements of a " Basic tandem" & " Be A Pilot" with an overall unique experience that no other paragliding facility in the vicinity provides. Photos/video included in this package.



♦  25-30 Min  

♦  Rs 6000* on Weekdays

♦  Rs 7000* on Weekends & Holiday seasons

♦  FREE *  Included in Package


₹ 6000*

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