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THERMALLING COACHING One of the best vehicles a soaring pilot can find is a thermal. These conveyances are like hot air balloons rising to the heavens. The only trouble is that they are invisible for the most part. The Birth of a Thermal, Thermal Triggering, Thermal Sources, Thermal Cycles, Ideal Thermal Conditions and Lift in the Thermal etc. CROSS COUNTRY COACHING When you fly near your home site, you can land whenever you want. But during cross country flight, you need to plan ahead. XC flying is an advanced skill, it requires a broad foundation of training and practice to be able to do it consistently. Once the skills of using thermals to gain altitude have been mastered, pilots can glide from one thermal to the next to go cross country weather it’s a flat land or mountains. XC flight encapsulates the true exhilaration of paragliding. There’s no quitting flying, once you start XC Flying. SIV COURSES SIV or Simulation d’Incident en Vol translates to simulation of incident in flight. This course is conducted over Water. Glider is deliberately destabilized and attempted to regain control. Student learns the limits of his/her wing and also extent of their control over it. Reserve deployment is also practiced. NOTE – PILOT MUST HAVE COMPLETED P3 + 50HRS AND MUST HAVE THEIR OWN EQUIPMENT FOR ADVANCE TRAINING.

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