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Best paragliding spots in India – Kamshet being the best!

Paragliding has always been an awe-inspiring uptake for thrill-seekers who gets excited with heights. Wind plays the most amusing part in paragliding while you remain suspended in the air. Best sights are often from the top, be it a green landscape, or forest, mountain or valley, it has the pleasure of its own kind. India has a long list of places that gives an ideal backdrop for a paragliding adventure. Orangelife has taken it into its strides to introduce the best spot among the whole range for paragliding adventure, especially for its incumbents.


  • Lush green slopes and hills of Lonavala near Mumbai

  • Purandar, an abandoned fort surrounded by green land in Pune

  • Dharamshala in Pathankot with brilliant sights of majestic snow-capped peaks

  • Lahaul in Himachal Pradesh is the famous twin-valley with ideal topography

  • Pithoragarh in Uttarakhand with plenty of natural beauty

  • Nandi hills of Karnataka is a gliders delight with a spectacular backdrop

  • Vagamon in Kerala has mystic weather and refreshing landscape

  • Panchmahal in Gujarat has impeccable sights of fields & hills

  • Arambol Goa is a popular spot often crowded with vacationers

  • Beni Bugyal of Uttarakhand has spellbinding vistas of Himalayas

  • Panchgani in Mahabaleshwar gives a spectacular Horizon view

  • Kamshet paragliders paradise with a delight for a lifetime

  • Massoori in Delhi throws out a spectacular natural space

  • Manali in Himachal Pradesh is yet another popular spot

Just like life is full of choices similarly, paragliding has a wide range of choices across India. Best and most recommended being the rest still stands as Kamshet in Maharashtra. Kamshet is a typical rustic space with excellent scope to be the perfect getaway from the hectic Mumbai. Nature lover’s best spot Pawna Lake surrounded by hills, a unique triangular shaped Tikona fort ideal for trekking, ancient Bedsa Buddhist rock structure, etc. are best to go around while on the visit to Kamshet for paragliding.

Paragliding at Kamshet Maharashtra

Time to visit the Kamshet for paragliding, renowned as the paragliding paradise of India. Stopover at the small village to witness the zealous sport and also to meet others of the same passion. Awe-inspiring backdrop and climate are sure to instigate you to crave for wow-moment in paragliding at Kamshet Maharashtra. Some of the best Instagram moments of paragliding are taken in Kamshet Maharashtra. Orangelife has an exclusive facility at Kamshet for paragliding that is always huddled with crowds of learners. Orangelife is renowned for its traits in converting a fledgeling novice into a paragliding expert within few days thereby making it an inevitable destination for all who visit Kamshet with interest for paragliding.

Paragliding might sound exciting but a little inhibition might still prevail. Simple basics to encourage the newcomers

  • A small seat is attached to a fabric arrangement that looks like wings

  • Just like any flying object, it has 2 wings to support the flight

  • Simple steer of movements and controls to speed the inbuilt brakes

  • Seat or harness is a soft chair with lots of straps buckled to it

  • Speed bar is also there just like a car at the foot

  • As a means of precaution, a reserve parachute and safety Helmet are also present

  • Often tensed novices are accompanied by trainers on the first flight


Orangelife has classes readily available for all to join and learn the art of paragliding both theory classes and practical. Orangelife has arranged proficient trainers and diligent classes for each to learn things in a customised manner bringing more and more repeat students each year. If it’s an ardent desire for paragliding in Kamshet Maharashtra then just turn to Orangelife to become perfect paragliders with ease.

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