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Paragliding, an adventure sport turned to an artful passion.

Flying in the air, above the trees, above the lanes that you know only to walk down, now flap with the birds, feel the thrust of the breeze and that not all you could hardly list out all your feelings. It’s not a dream to become the ‘up, up & above’ Superman or the broom riding Harry Potter. This time it’s real with your feet floating high above the surface and you don’t move anymore with your feet but with the wings that glide you to an expanse of sights that could hardly be presumed from the lower terrain.

Life is so unexpected, did you ever think that you could drive a car when you were a child. It’s no different from cycling or driving. You might not get a chance to fly an aircraft because that needs a pilot licence but this is easy. Would you like to know how easy it is? Paragliding adventure has become a passion that is being cherished among the people of all ages and culture. Orangelife nurtured this passion into an art to be instilled among the Paragliding adventure lovers with little or no hassles.

Orangelife opines its incumbents to initiate only once you have become a competent and safe pilot in Paragliding adventure. Start from the basic and climb your path with the help of the co-pilot first and then move ahead with self-gliding. Orangelife has exclusive training packages for paragliding adventure in the most cost-effective manner with personalised care and mentorship.

Simple handy tips to initiate your paragliding adventure trip

- First and foremost check the different parts of the paragliding device

- Learn from the instructor, all about its functionalities

- Take note of all the risk-taking factors mandatorily

- Learn about the safety equipment and protective gears

- Get simples tips about flight mechanism and aerodynamics

- Assess the environment, weather and airfield conditions

- Balance your gliding while on the ground and on air

- Always ensure that all the hooks are rightly locked and no tangles in the cords

This is just the basic key to the world of elevated fantasy that has become a die-hard passion among many to an extent that many paragliding adventure clubs and repeat visitors are being reckoned by the Orangelife. One could hardly stop the thrill of flying in the air and making the fantasy real. Paragliding adventure has become a growing passion overriding everything else.

Orangelife has many tried and time-tested strategy to make a novice turn to an ace in paragliding adventure, thus creating a passion among the joiner to an extent that it has become more of an art rather than a sport. Paragliding photography is yet another passion that is growing up at an alarming pace. Photographer just sits in front of the pilot who rides while your hands are free to focus and snap the exact photo that could hardly be taken from anywhere on the land. Flying with printed and intricately designed wings have become a passion among many riders and spectacle is like a huge butterfly hovering in the sky. Paragliding acrobatics is yet another rising art through which one could perform stunts up in the sky.

Inspired by United States Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association (USHPA) training program Orangelife has various sets of training modules customised according to the frequent necessities of the on-going trends and customer demand. Trend analysis and the quest for innovation updates in paragliding adventure have made Orangelife stand out from the crowd. Orangelife prefers to turn paragliding adventure into an art adding pace, grace and perfection in movements of gliding to be cherished by one who experiences it.

Things that have turned paragliding adventure into an artful passion

- Longing to fly in the open air

- Explore the art and get thrilled by free moves in the air

- New learning about aerodynamics and air pressure to add perfection in gliding

- Basic weather conditions, thermal lore, air pressures etc. adds excellence to moves

- Feel and hear the sound of the wind in proximity

- Mountains, flat terrains, deep valley, are all made accessible through paragliding adventure from a different vista all together.

Life becomes all the more interesting and enticing through paragliding adventure. It adds thrill, excitement, adventure, and most of all a feeling of ecstasy that could hardly be experienced anywhere or through any other uptake. Orangelife has an ardent desire to nurture this art of Paragliding adventure with proficiency among their incumbents. It’s an open call for the adventures hearts to contact Orangelife to take up the challenge and learn the art.

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Ashwin T
Ashwin T

We took the flight more than a month back. I walk with a cane and have been refused to paraglide by many overseas. Vijay agreed to give me the experience. It was wonderful. Must make a mention for the extra efforts put in by the team of pilots (from walking thru the forest to flying and landing with too much care :) ) to ensure that I am able to fly and enjoy this experience first time in life. The flight was controlled so well and smooth as if I was sitting on a couch and started flying high in the sky. Equally amazing was the experience of staying in tents on Vijay's camp resort. The view is fantastic …

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