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Ever thought of flying! Freak-out at least once in your lifetime .

Updated: Dec 26, 2019

Looking out for a thrilling aha-moment like never before? To get a plummet with no clue of what next? Ignite your adventurist soul to have a trip in the air like Harry porter on the broom. Visit the paragliding paradise of India, to paraglide at Kamshet in Maharashtra. Make a trip to the tiny village to witness the awe-inspiring aerial sport. It is sure to kindle your instincts for episodes of wow-moments that have catapulted this small rural outpost, into a top slot destination of India for paragliding in Kamshet at Maharashtra.

Paragliding at Kamshet is perfect due to the amicable topography of gentle hills, ideal climate and wind conditions making gliders flock around in huge bunches. Even if you are a novice in paragliding, Kamshet is the best to spread your fledgeling trips with a trained escort. Does it sound sugar-coated and illusionary? Then it’s time to learn the facts about it to erase all the scary fantasies that you had about paragliding to shoo you off from it.

To begin with, you have paragliding gears that give you wings to have a gala flight over the picturesque landscape. Of course, safety always comes first and more than that your confidence. To boost your spirit, let’s explore one by one.

How do the paragliding gears look like?

A paraglider is a free-flying, foot-launched aircraft. The pilot sits in a harness suspended below a fabric wing, whose shape is formed by the pressure of air entering vents in the front. Paragliders are light and fold up fairly small, making them compact and portable.

Ravish on the experience of soaring above and to look below to find the fields that look like carpet, people like moving dots and trees looking like grass. Make it all happen through paragliding at Kamshet Maharashtra.

Points to mark-up for paragliding at Kamshet Maharashtra

  • Paraglide in the gentle breeze of early in the morning or late afternoon

  • Surely give ear to the quick prep-talk that the instructor gives

  • Put on all your gears, helmets, gloves and other essentials

  • Hold your breath, it’s just a joyride of 10 minutes or so to brag about for the rest of your life

  • Low rates at weekdays hence plan accordingly

  • A bottle of water and snacks are ideal to avoid hungry waiting hours for the conducive wind conditions

  • Of course, sunscreen is perfect to avoid suntan

  • Best time of the year is October to May

  • Skip monsoons while planning for paragliding at Kamshet Maharashtra

Runs a few strides before you swoosh off the cliff to fly like a bird, feel the gentle breeze and birds view of the jaw-dropping view of the land below. Above there you experience a sight that could hardly be described in words. Undulated mountainous terrain, lush green pastures, serene lakes, birds seem to fly close to you all these are sure to take your breath away. It is sure to be a surreal experience that keeps even veteran paragliders coming back for more.

Best Instagram moments are captured while paragliding in these skies of Kamshet Maharashtra. It is a simple sport that could be learned in tenure of 4-5 days with various schools huddled in the main areas of the town. It is a combo offer as you not only get to learn an adventure sport but also move around the beautiful village of Kamshet Maharashtra, by visiting the oldest Bedsa caves of Maharashtra, Pawna artificial lake, rocky terrain of Kondeshwar temple, high rocks of Bhairi caves and shopping at local markets painted in a backdrop of Buddhist culture.

Kamshet is a fringe of Western Ghats almost 50kms from the mainland of Pune. It is easily accessible through drive with enough rental cars and to other transportations to take you to the spot. Climate is cool with Sahyadri ranges valleys and tiny villages scattered across the land giving an ideal place to get a break from the hectic monotonous city life.

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